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Ready to get found online and generate leads? Let us help with 3 simple options.

1. Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing represents a complete solution for getting found online, generating leads and converting those leads into customers. It makes full use of digital marketing tools. Content marketing plays a starring role. It involves:

  • Creating remarkable web and blog content that answers questions potential customers have about your business,  

  • Sharing that content online via your website, blog and digital and social media outposts [e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter...],

  • Participating in social media conversations and willingly engage with customers online.

  • Analyzing your results so you can rinse, repeat and improve!

Simple Marketing Now, Certified HubSpot Partner, proudly recommends HubSpot's all-in-one inbound marketing software. 


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2. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing focuses on making your website as efficient as it can be.

We work with you to ensure that it is search engine optimized (aka improve its SEO) and succinctly tells your business' story in a way that compels visitors to spend time, and to return, because search engines index your site.

We analyze your social media presence to ensure that your profiles integrate fully with your business and support your business objectives.

We help implement and manage Google Adwords PPC campaigns to support organic search results.

Through web analytics, we test and monitor to ensure that your digital marketing efforts help you get found online and generate leads.

Digital Marketing goes beyond just setting up a Facebook fan page, a blog or a Twitter account. It's about integrating your content and social media into your website, search engine optimization, lead generation and lead nurturing. It's about delivering results. It's about having a strategy that integrates with your business objectives.

3. Content Marketing

Content Marketing focuses on developing and implementing a sound content strategy for your online presence - which includes your website, your blog as well as your social networking profiles.

We help you identify and develop your business personas [aka your buyer profiles], hone in on keywords critical to your business and fully appreciate your customer buying cycles so your content connects with prospects.

We ensure consistency with your offline content for a fully integrated customer experience. 


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